Driving Across Alberta


Car lovers and automotive experts wouldn’t be the same without a deep love inside for long drives across beautiful countries. I just got back from a drive through Alberta and I must say it was the most splendid drive I’ve ever had. I flew from Hamilton, ON and landed in Calgary, AB and rented a Tesla. First of all, driving a Tesla for the first time was amazing on its own. But driving a Tesla through the beautiful mountains and forests of Alberta is a whole other level of awesome! So, if your anything like us, you should derive pleasure from this adventurous story. But keep in mind that reading this will never come close to being there in person. The whole trip was incredible!

However, there was one small hiccup I had when driving through the City of Red Deer, but I’ll tell that story in a bit. For now, I just want to share all the good news of this trip. In Ontario where I live, we don’t have the rolling hills or the luscious mountains in high number, but in Alberta they’re a lot more frequent. In certain parts, hills like pleated wool roll across the landscape, with snow-capped mountains on the horizon, and trees with names you’ll never learn how to pronounce–that’s the wonder of Alberta! Driving through it all is like driving through a fantasy land. Such vivid memories of nature on the roadside, friendly people, and wildlife!

Now to that hiccup I mentioned: When it came time to drive through Red Deer, AB everything was going smoothly until my Tesla’s battery ran out of juice. It was like running out of gas, but different. I’ve never drove an electric car for so long, and I got used to not having to get gas but I didn’t get used to charging the battery. Ignoring the warning signs like an idiot, I let the car die and found myself stranded on the side of the road on the outskirts of Red Deer, just as I was about to leave the city behind.

Being a mechanic who grew up with conventional engines and not futuristic motors, I popped the hood and my eyes nearly fell out of my head. There was no way I could touch any of those internal car parts without screwing something up, so I closed the hood and opened my phone instead, and called a local towing Red Deer company. The kind lads came in a hurry to give my car a boost and I was back on the road in no time at all. It wasn’t a huge hiccup, but it was enough to ruin my day. So I give a special thanks to that tow truck company for being of such great service. You saved my trip. Thank you!

By the time I was back in Calgary to return my Tesla, I had to pay a few hundred extra dollars for some scratches I put on it while zooming through the woods, but it was worth it by far. So if you’re looking for some quality alone time in these hard times then consider taking a road trip through Alberta. I promise it will be amazing!

Until next time, cheers!