Privately Driving and Sailing from San Sisenando, Spain to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada without Commercial Support

sailing from spain to canada

Any of our beloved automotive experts, we believe, will appreciate this story of how one of our good friends drove and sailed privately from San Sisenando, Spain to Hamilton, Canada without the help of commercial ferries or airlines.

Our family in Spain spans back to a time when a horse was your car yet we didn’t have to ride anywhere to buy at the shop because the market was a walk away, visible from the window and we were modern elites for using horses for agriculture. That’s why we love to ask the question should we go back to horses?

Sailing in a private boat across the Atlantic Ocean is not recommended or safe, but our guy did it anyways with a hope for starting a towing company in the same city where his nephew lives, Hamilton, ON. His nephew works for one of the top tow truck Hamilton companies and it’s a dream come true for his family because he came from our family foundation on Calle San Sisenando. Previously we talked about whether or not you can understand why we reformed Obrel User Con’ to focus on automotive stuff like towing, mechanics and auto detailing but this is great proof of why.

Our dear nephew first started his long distance adventure in Spain where we originate and joined a fishing ship at the bay. The fishing ship was only supposed to go out half way to the Americas in the Atlantic Ocean but had caught word that they would be meeting their friends in the middle of the ocean for a party and they were going back to Canada after. So, when the two boats met up, our friend from San Sisenando hopped decks and sailed the rest of the way to Canada. From where he landed near Toronto he simply caught a bus the rest of the way and there he is this day.

This was a spontaneous decision for him to move, and now he joins us here with his nephew and our team and we love to have him here.