Plans for the Summer!

My family is full of summer stories on San Sisenando but here in Canada during the pandemic, what will I get up to this summer? Trying to adapt to the Canadian culture is a lot easier than I was told before coming here because this place is so great and friendly. I’m not sure exactly what my summer will look like yet but I do know at least four things I want to do.

Four Things I MUST do this Summer!

  1. Spend two days on the Great Lakes fishing.
  2. Camping with the family.
  3. Go on the most expensive date I can afford.
  4. Start writing a book I’ve never started but always said I would.

English has always been my second language but it’s quickly becoming my first language the more I use it. I finally feel comfortable writing a whole book in English. I romanticize about spending at least a few nights living on a boat in the Great Lakes of Ontario without touching the ground and that’s where I want to write the first chapter of my book.

Also, camping would be incredible, even if the whole family was there. I’m also hoping I can get a special someone to agree to let me spend a few thousand dollars on them in a single night. It might be the most expensive date anyone in my family has ever had let alone the most expensive date I’ll ever have.

Now what do you want to do this summer? There’s lots to choose from!