Moving Forward Like a Rolling Stone

Like a rolling stone or the wheel of a tow truck I find myself moving forward despite whatever wants to hold me back. At I try to keep my personal life out of my blogging but now I want to shore how my life is like a rolling stone.

It’s like I can sit back and watch it as it unfolds before me. I can watch my hands move and actions are made but I’m just spectating. A rock has no option to stop once it starts rolling and that’s what it feels like for me.

Now in the new year of 2021 it’s a really good time to move forward and leave things behind. I guess it’s a good option I have no choice in that matter.

Red Deer’s Best Towing Company Serves Us Again!

On our way back through Alberta, we happen to come across the same problem, in the same city. Our battery died! So we called up our good old towing friend: Mar-tin Towing & Recovery Red Deer. Once again he provided us with a great service. He was friendly, affordable and fast – you can’t ask for much more from a tow truck driver.

Anyways, we visited Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper. I must say, Alberta probably takes the cake for some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen. Here’s a photo of Lake Morraine (right near Lake Louise):

Is that water not abnormally blue? I was thinking the same thing as you, and not only that, the photo doesn’t even do it close to justice! To get the full experience you MUST visit yourself. Stay somewhere closer to Banff, because a hotel/resort there gets real expensive – the lowest I could find was $1,200 a night!!

Anyways, I had to share a bit more about our trip and traveling through Alberta. It was a genuinely amazing place that I think everyone should visit. Take care everyone!

Plans for the Summer!

My family is full of summer stories on San Sisenando but here in Canada during the pandemic, what will I get up to this summer? Trying to adapt to the Canadian culture is a lot easier than I was told before coming here because this place is so great and friendly. I’m not sure exactly what my summer will look like yet but I do know at least four things I want to do.

Four Things I MUST do this Summer!

  1. Spend two days on the Great Lakes fishing.
  2. Camping with the family.
  3. Go on the most expensive date I can afford.
  4. Start writing a book I’ve never started but always said I would.

English has always been my second language but it’s quickly becoming my first language the more I use it. I finally feel comfortable writing a whole book in English. I romanticize about spending at least a few nights living on a boat in the Great Lakes of Ontario without touching the ground and that’s where I want to write the first chapter of my book.

Also, camping would be incredible, even if the whole family was there. I’m also hoping I can get a special someone to agree to let me spend a few thousand dollars on them in a single night. It might be the most expensive date anyone in my family has ever had let alone the most expensive date I’ll ever have.

Now what do you want to do this summer? There’s lots to choose from!

Driving Across Alberta


Car lovers and automotive experts wouldn’t be the same without a deep love inside for long drives across beautiful countries. I just got back from a drive through Alberta and I must say it was the most splendid drive I’ve ever had. I flew from Hamilton, ON and landed in Calgary, AB and rented a Tesla. First of all, driving a Tesla for the first time was amazing on its own. But driving a Tesla through the beautiful mountains and forests of Alberta is a whole other level of awesome! So, if your anything like us, you should derive pleasure from this adventurous story. But keep in mind that reading this will never come close to being there in person. The whole trip was incredible!

However, there was one small hiccup I had when driving through the City of Red Deer, but I’ll tell that story in a bit. For now, I just want to share all the good news of this trip. In Ontario where I live, we don’t have the rolling hills or the luscious mountains in high number, but in Alberta they’re a lot more frequent. In certain parts, hills like pleated wool roll across the landscape, with snow-capped mountains on the horizon, and trees with names you’ll never learn how to pronounce–that’s the wonder of Alberta! Driving through it all is like driving through a fantasy land. Such vivid memories of nature on the roadside, friendly people, and wildlife!

Now to that hiccup I mentioned: When it came time to drive through Red Deer, AB everything was going smoothly until my Tesla’s battery ran out of juice. It was like running out of gas, but different. I’ve never drove an electric car for so long, and I got used to not having to get gas but I didn’t get used to charging the battery. Ignoring the warning signs like an idiot, I let the car die and found myself stranded on the side of the road on the outskirts of Red Deer, just as I was about to leave the city behind.

Being a mechanic who grew up with conventional engines and not futuristic motors, I popped the hood and my eyes nearly fell out of my head. There was no way I could touch any of those internal car parts without screwing something up, so I closed the hood and opened my phone instead, and called a local towing Red Deer company. The kind lads came in a hurry to give my car a boost and I was back on the road in no time at all. It wasn’t a huge hiccup, but it was enough to ruin my day. So I give a special thanks to that tow truck company for being of such great service. You saved my trip. Thank you!

By the time I was back in Calgary to return my Tesla, I had to pay a few hundred extra dollars for some scratches I put on it while zooming through the woods, but it was worth it by far. So if you’re looking for some quality alone time in these hard times then consider taking a road trip through Alberta. I promise it will be amazing!

Until next time, cheers!

Trying to Tow Your Own Car with a RV? Here’s How!

A convoy pleasure ride across countries can be like sailing on the high seas. One of your ships might need a tow every now and then. A friend of mine had this problem recently, and he found this cheery video to help him fix it, so I wanted to share with my fellow automotive experts who might want to tow a car with their recreational vehicle (RV) themselves. I’m also hoping this might help to spread the solution to other strangers out there who are looking to tow there own cars, so check out the video below!

Why Tow Trucks and Fancy Cars Matter to World History Resources

World history resources rely on data like numbers and names for in depth research. Here’s an example of how this works. Say you want to know what kind of car your favorite serial killer was driving so that your crime novel can be more accurate. You know your character got a tow truck service on the day of his most famous crime so you go to the company’s office that towed him and look through the records to see which car your character was driving. This story illustrates just one reason why tow trucks and fancy cars are helpful for world history. The records car owners and towing businesses leave behind can be used in fascinating and unexpected ways.

So if you’re reading this and you keep records, make sure you do keep them because hundreds of years from now those records might be used by a historian!

Privately Driving and Sailing from San Sisenando, Spain to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada without Commercial Support

sailing from spain to canada

Any of our beloved automotive experts, we believe, will appreciate this story of how one of our good friends drove and sailed privately from San Sisenando, Spain to Hamilton, Canada without the help of commercial ferries or airlines.

Our family in Spain spans back to a time when a horse was your car yet we didn’t have to ride anywhere to buy at the shop because the market was a walk away, visible from the window and we were modern elites for using horses for agriculture. That’s why we love to ask the question should we go back to horses?

Sailing in a private boat across the Atlantic Ocean is not recommended or safe, but our guy did it anyways with a hope for starting a towing company in the same city where his nephew lives, Hamilton, ON. His nephew works for one of the top tow truck Hamilton companies and it’s a dream come true for his family because he came from our family foundation on Calle San Sisenando. Previously we talked about whether or not you can understand why we reformed Obrel User Con’ to focus on automotive stuff like towing, mechanics and auto detailing but this is great proof of why.

Our dear nephew first started his long distance adventure in Spain where we originate and joined a fishing ship at the bay. The fishing ship was only supposed to go out half way to the Americas in the Atlantic Ocean but had caught word that they would be meeting their friends in the middle of the ocean for a party and they were going back to Canada after. So, when the two boats met up, our friend from San Sisenando hopped decks and sailed the rest of the way to Canada. From where he landed near Toronto he simply caught a bus the rest of the way and there he is this day.

This was a spontaneous decision for him to move, and now he joins us here with his nephew and our team and we love to have him here.

From the Historical San Sisenando, Spain to Canada


The transformation of our website may take some explaining. We reformed this domain because we are a users’ conference of Obrel, a treasury of resources for our beloved car industry experts in Canada.

We don’t mean to be so esoteric, we just are. If you’re still confused about what we do here at Obrel, get in touch via email and ask your questions. For our esoteric audience, we look forward to doing the best we can to serve and supply historical automotive information as well as news and articles on contemporary issues. We’re Canadians from San Sisenando doing our best! 2020 Update


A new fresh start for this domain ( leads to new and exciting adventures as we discuss everything automotive with an emerging audience.

Even for people who aren’t interested in the automotive industry, we wish to create content so unique and engaging that it will have the effect of making people more interested or at least supply entertainment for them as we discussed uncommon topics in this field.

So thank you for being here. Stay tuned for more. Our first serious article will be on the way shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

Going Back To Horses?

As car lovers it might be funny when we here someone say “I wish the world was still using horses and buggies.” Now it might be romantic but we switched to cars and trucks for a reason. Everything we take for granted today like having parts delivered and excavation is all done by vehicles.

But is there a point to going back to horses other than romance?

  1. Pollution
  2. Lessening the dangers of capitalism
  3. Unclogging our streets.

Besides that I can’t see one. What do you think?